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Ikon Construction - Design

How do I start designing my home?

Start with understanding your tastes.

Get some scissors and a stack of magazines. Try magazines like Architectural Digest®, Elle Décor®, Sunset®, House Beautiful®, In Style® or even National Geographic®. Cut out any picture that intrigues or inspires you.

Snip swatches of color, too, using everything from ads to feature articles. Then separate them into piles along with any color chips and material samples (ribbon, fabric, tile, wallpaper) you may have collected.

For your bathroom, you might have a picture of a bamboo forest, another of Windsor Castle, and a chip of tile. Look at the colors and textures and see if they agree. Perhaps you will end up with a granite finish on the tub and muted green walls, and decide to save the tile for the kitchen.

Create an Inspiration File and bring it to us where we have design consultants available who are happy to make your final decisions.

Check out these online resources:

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